Pancit Bihon

pancit bihonHow to make Pancit Bihon:

Pancit, or pansit, is a quick-cooked noodle dish that is one of the quintessential meals of Filipino cuisine.

All kinds are available, and pancit is as popular at street stands as it is at family gatherings. The most common variety is pancit bihon, with rice vermicelli and a mix of meat and vegetables.




1 package 8 oz pancit bihon (rice stick noodles)

2 cups chicken broth

Choose two of the meat following ingredients:

  • 1 cup chicken breast; boiled and shredded in strips (preferred)
  • 1 cup shrimps; shelled (preferred)
  • 1 cup pork;cut in strips
  • 1 cup pork, beef, or hotdog sausages

Choose two (2) of the vegetable ingredients;

  • 2 cups cabbage; cut in strips (preferred)
  • 1 carrot; cut into strips (preferred)
  • 1 cup bagiuo beans; sliced

1 onion; chopped

3 cloves garlic; crushed

2 tablespoons soy sauce

Salt and pepper

Cooking oil

2 calamansi or lemon; sliced

1 tablespoon chopped scallions


1. Soak pancit bihon noodles to soften for 10 minutes.

2. Boil chicken in 3 cups water. Save 2 cups of the broth.

3. Saute gralic and onion, then add the meat ingredients. Season with soy sauce, then add the broth. Add the vegetables followed by salt and pepper to taste. When vegetables are cripspy tender, add the pancit bihon. Cook, stirring often, until all liquid has evaporated.

4. Garnish with scallion and serve with sliced calamansi or lemon.

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