Mais con Yelo

Mais con YeloHow to make Mais con Yelo:

Mais con Yelo is similar to Halo-Halo but not as grand as Halo-Halo.

Mais con Yelo means corn on ice. This is a popular refreshment in the Philippines due to being inexpensive and easy to prepare with any type of milk. It is nevertheless extremely creamy and rich in flavor.

Serves 4.


About 2 cups shave ice

A pint of vanilla or sweet cream ice cream

2-3 cobs of sweet corn (or a can of crunchy corn kernels)

Whole milk


1. If you are using fresh corn, scrape the corn kernels off the cob, also catching the liquid. Heat until warm in a saucepan. Cool in the refrigerator.

2. Assemble the mais con yelo in tall drinking glasses: a half cup of shave ice, followed by a few tablespoons of corn, a scoop of ice cream, then a few more tablespoons of corn. Pour a bit of milk over the whole thing. Crush it all together with a spoon while eating. Hopefully it’s a hot and humid day because this is the best way to enjoy it!

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