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How to make Sapin-sapin:

Sapin-Sapin Recipe, made from rice flour or rice that has been soaked overnight then crushed into a paste, sometimes yams or yam flour, coconut milk and sugar.

Each layer is tinted (the bottom one a deep ube-like purple, the middle a golden yolk yellow,the top one white), and steamed before the next layer is added.


3 1/2 Cups of rice flour

2 Cups of coconut milk

1 Cup of white sugar

1 cup of finely chopped fresh buko (or macapuno preserve if fresh coconut is not available)

food coloring (green, yellow and purple) or any color you may wish

pandan leaves (if not you can use pandan extract)

1 cup of crushed cooked ube

½ Cup of chopped langka or jack fruit

½ tsp anise extract

some banana leaves


1. In a bowl mix your flour, with your sugar and coconut milk. Mix them until it becomes homogenous. Line your round pan (preferably about 9 inches in size) with your banana leaves.

2. Divide your flour mixture into three portions. Add the langka flavor and yellow coloring on the first, the ube and purple coloring for the second and coconut and green coloring for the last one.

3. Preheat your steamer for about five minutes. Pour the yellow color first on your round pan and let it steam for fifteen minutes.

4. Then add the langka flavor over the first layer and steam it for fifteen minutes.

5. Lastly pour the purple color and steam for another fifteen minutes. Let it cool before removing from the pan.

6. Serve with toasted shredded coconut and some sugar.

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