Steamed Tilapia

steamed tilapia

steamed tilapia

How to make Steamed Tilapia:

Steamed Tilapia is a very easy and simple recipe for tilapia. It is tasty and the fish comes out very tender and juicy, not to mention that it is very healthy.

Over the years,  I have discovered that the best way to enjoy river fishes is to have it steamed. It is easy and not fussy in preparation.

Preparation Time is 5 minues. Steaming time 40 minutes. Good for 2-4 servings.


1 pound tilapia, scaled and gutted

2 tablespoons fish sauce

½ teaspoon fresh ginger root, grated or sliced thinly

3 cloves garlic, minced

½ large green bell pepper, julienned

½ large red bell pepper, julienned

½ large yellow bell pepper, julienned

¼ cup sesame oil

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 stalk scallions, sliced

Pinch of sesame seeds (optional)


1. Slice both sides of the tilapia and baste with fish sauce. Make 2 cuts per side. Steam for 20 minutes each side.

TIP: Use the end of a barbecue stick to test if fish is cooked. If no blood comes out when poked, then it’s done.

2. Transfer cooked fish to a heat proof large platter and top with spices and vegetables.

3. Meanwhile, heat sesame oil in a small pan until it’s almost smoking.

4. Carefully pour hot oil over tilapia. Add soy sauce, and garnish with sesame seeds and scallions. Serve with freshly steamed rice.

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