Sweet and Spicy Dilis

Sweet and Spicy Dilis

Sweet and Spicy Dilis

How to make Sweet and Spicy Dilis:

Sweet and Spicy Dilis is a popular street food in the Philippines, a dish that is made out of dried anchovies in a sweet and spicy coating, it usually sold in deep fried peanut stalls in bus and jeepney terminals.

Though this food item dominates the street food scene in the Philippines, it is not totally unique to the Filipinos as I have seen this served in Malaysian and Chinese cuisine as an appetizer the only difference is they add roasted sesame seeds.


1 1/2 cups dilis

2 tbsps. cooking oil

1/4 cup sugar plus

2 tbsps. sugar

1 tsp. Sinigang (Tamarind Seasoning) Mix

2 pcs. chili, chopped


1. In a frying pan heat oil. Add dilis and stir-fry for 3 minutes or until dilis become crispy.

2. In another Pan (preferably one with a thick bottom), caramelize the sugar.

3. When sugar turns golden, turn off the heat.

4. Add the Sinigang (Tamarind Seasoning) Mix and chili pepper. Stir.

5. Quickly add dilis and mix well.

6. Transfer to a tray and cool.

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