Adobong Okra

Adobong okra

Adobong okra

How to cook adobong okra:

Adobong okra is a healthy seasonal food. Adobo is one of my favorite Filipino dishes which is really delicious.

It can be cooked in so many yummy ways. If you’re vegetarian, you can prefer to cook the okra or lady finger which I will show here. But if you prefer meat such as chicken and pork, you can do it also as long as the main ingredient for adobo is there. Here are the ingredients needed for adobong okra.


Adobong okra serves 5.


20 pcs young okra

1/2 cup finely chopped gluten

4 tbsp kalamansi juice

3 tbsp soy sauce



Salt to taste


1. Wash and parboil the okra.

2. Fry the gluten then add the garlic, onions and the young okra.

3. Add kalamansi juice, soy sauce, salt and vetsin. Cook until the okra is tender.

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  1. emmanuel balanquit says:

    What is chopped gluten and where can i buy it ?

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