Adobong Puso ng Saging

Adobong Puso ng Saging

Posted On April 14, 2013

Adobong Puso ng Saging

Adobong Puso ng Saging

How to make Adobong Puso ng Saging:

Adobong Puso ng Saging is one of the authentic dish from the Philippines that I want to share with you.

There are many kinds of Adobos. This is one of them!


1 pcs. of Puso ng Saging

2 cups of water

3 tbps. of soy sauce

1 pcs. of garlic

2 tbps. of lime juice

salt for the taste

2 pcs. of laurel leaves


1.   Remove the older part of Puso ng Saging. Chop finely.

2.  Mash it with salt to remove the bitter taste then wash it again with water.

3. In a cooking pan, saute the garlic until its color become red.

4.  Add water, soy sauce, laurel leaves, lime juice and salt. Let it boil and add the chopped Puso ng Saging.

5.  Put 2 tbsp of cooking oil. Cook until Puso ng Saging become tender. Wait until the broth be almost dry.

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